Vitoria Faccin-Herman

Brazilian designer and educator.
Interested in typography and visual literacy education.

pineapple pattern from Pop’s E
I can’t let Pop go yet
tou-can-oh! tucano! Brazilian word for Toucan – Tropical pattern with Pop!
Branding for my uncle’s new business!
In celebration of Anitta’s new song – Girl From Rio. Set in my new alphabet – Pop
Song lyric from Elis Regina. Type made by me (“Pop type”)
movement – color exploration
#dailylogochallenge Image from CASSINI – NASA
pattern play
I finally did my own branding
bye 2020, good riddance!
AMARIN – Branding project for amigurumi and crochet business
a mantra!
MFA Thesis – Brochure
BFA show – April 2017

Also testing some patterns from Pop shapes. Test for potential student project for Type 2022
I’m really into birds lately.
Branding for a psychologist in Brazil. He was my classmate in middle school :)
Summer mood – Picture from a plastic pool and text inspired by my hose.
if google has a sense of humor
WARNING – flashing lights!
My spirit set out in Pop type
I am pop! A type happening
Happy Valentine’s Day
droplet, in Portuguese
3D 2D – AfterEffects + Cinema 4D
vinyl experimentation – bananas
BFA show – April 2017