Vitoria Faccin-Herman

From Brazil to the Midwest. Here is some of the work I have been doing.

tou-can-oh! tucano! Brazilian word for Toucan – Tropical pattern with Pop!
Branding for my uncle’s new business!
husband&wife collab – art direction and design by me – blender/3d by Matt Herman
In celebration of Anitta’s new song – Girl From Rio. Set in my new alphabet – Pop
Song lyric from Elis Regina. Type made by me (“Pop type”)
movement – color exploration
#dailylogochallenge Image from CASSINI – NASA
pattern play
I finally did my own branding
bye 2020, good riddance!
AMARIN – Branding project for amigurumi and crochet business

I’m really into birds lately.
Branding for a psychologist in Brazil. He was my classmate in middle school :)
Summer mood – Picture from a plastic pool and text inspired by my hose.
Pop makes me think of Brasil and toucans and my homesickness. Available on RedBubble
It’s Google, but made out of Pop
My spirit set out in Pop type
I am pop! A type happening
spring pattern, based on capital and lowercase Gg that I’ve created based on a photo of a plant I took – testing out student projects :)
Happy Valentine’s Day
droplet, in portuguese
3D 2D – AfterEffects + Cinema 4D