“It Takes Two” – game mechanics as story-telling device

Gaming is a relatively new interest of mine. I have been highly influenced by my husband who is an avid gamer. The only games I had played until we met were The Sims (1 to 3), Roller Coaster Tycoon, and Guimo (by a Brazilian publisher). I liked playing games but it faded from my identityContinue reading ““It Takes Two” – game mechanics as story-telling device”

Why online education won’t change the world

Online learning isn’t for everyone. I’m not saying that it doesn’t have a place in the world today. We are all living faster and connected lives, so having the flexibility of online learning is quite a feat of humanity! However, I have been collecting data from my students about how was their Fall 2020 (itContinue reading “Why online education won’t change the world”

Assignment 3 – Stickers (ArtGr 275)

Finally something fun and broad enough that everyone could relate to it. This time in my TA class, I decided to ask the students to create stickers based on a couple of very broad categories that encompassed just about everything in the universe:¬†Emojis, Food, Quotes/word (only handwritten), Nature, Traveling/transportation, and Music. Some would say IContinue reading “Assignment 3 – Stickers (ArtGr 275)”