2023 Reads

Here’s my currently-reading list in no particular order. Silvia Federici, Re-enchanting the worldAdrian Johnston, Zizek’s OntologyLorgia Garcia Peña, Community as RebellionTom Nichols, The Death of ExpertiseDonald Hoffman, The Case Against RealityN. K. Jeminsin, The Fifth SeasonRoland Barthes, Elements of Semiology Facts about this list:I have found that jumping around books works for me.I have beenContinue reading “2023 Reads”

Figma x Adobe

On September 15, 2022, Figma “has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Adobe.” The initial shock sent me into a whirlwind of Adobe – capitalism – monopoly – subscription services – walled-up knowledge – losing access – what does this mean? But now, a couple of days removed from the event, I believeContinue reading “Figma x Adobe”

Graphic Design Oracle – a teaching tool

I made this small box for quick in-class prompts for exercises. In the box, there are three categories of information: Students are to randomly pick from the decided color and then utilize that information as part of an in-class exercise. For this first version, the quotes, artists, and tips came from my own readings andContinue reading “Graphic Design Oracle – a teaching tool”

PoP, the font in … The Faculty Biennial

Last year I created Pop. A font that explores high-contrast strokes, bold colors, and basic shapes. Its creation coincided with my assignment to teach typography in Spring 2022 at Illinois State University. So I started to think of new assignments I could apply to my students. I arrived at extracting shapes from Pop in 2×2Continue reading “PoP, the font in … The Faculty Biennial”