PoP, the font in … The Faculty Biennial

Last year I created Pop. A font that explores high-contrast strokes, bold colors, and basic shapes.

Its creation coincided with my assignment to teach typography in Spring 2022 at Illinois State University. So I started to think of new assignments I could apply to my students.

I arrived at extracting shapes from Pop in 2×2 squares, and triangles too, and later developing patterns from those shapes.

As I experimented with this activity at home I got an email inviting all faculty from the Wonsook Kim School of Fine Arts for the Faculty Biennial. I hadn’t shown my work in a gallery setting in quite a while and I thought what I had going with Pop was quite unique.

For the exhibition, I chose three patterns that reminded me of the creative process. From organized to messy and back again.

One thing I wanted to bring to this set of posters was movement. So I decided to bring back a skill I picked up for the BFA exhibition: making origami octahedrons!

So I made a mobile of multiple octahedrons hanging from a wooden frame.

I find that the effect of all these elements together gives the viewer an interesting experience.

The next step for me is to add Augmented Reality to the posters. I think there is much to be explored there too.

I hope you enjoy.

Published by Vitoria, no C

Instructional Assistant Professor at Illinois State University BFA in Graphic Design and New Art Media from the University of North Dakota MFA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University

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