I made a font(?) – Pop

A type specimen in blog-post format

After a year and a half at home, quarantined, and working my first real/grown – person job, this alphabet came to me.

First, in the form of an h.

I draw on top of things on my sketchbook…. it is a mess

I had been looking at an older book called “The Art of Calligraphy.” I have never had formal training in calligraphy because when I had the opportunity to take a course in it I was swamped by other stuff and couldn’t do it. But my interest has never died. Based on the book, I started doodling some of the alphabets for fun. I enjoyed the hand movements, the markings on the page, and all these extra marks that aren’t as prominent in type anymore (this thing called modernism happened).

“Gothic Capital”
“Bastard Secretary” – name in the book Art of Calligraphy

I love typography! But I never explored type in my work in a personal way. It always felt like a deity; untouchable to the likes of me – those who had never studied calligraphy. But this semester I got to teach typography for the first time and it changed my view on type. I was able to further understand it.

That maximum – when you have to teach something that’s when you actually learn it – was one of my biggest takeaways in my teaching this semester. By teaching type I was able to feel type.

This alphabet is the spillage of my love for type. (so emo…)

The characters just evolved from one another, quite fast actually (could probably have used more time – it is a work in progress – nothing is ever done…). From the H I collected key information for my other letters: proportion, width, x-height and ascender, and contrast.

With these elements in hand, I could break up the shape of the H into its smaller pieces to apply to the other letters as they were created.

While drawing the first letter – H – all I had in mind was high-contrast and bold. Lately, that is how I have been exploring with fashion and color. (I needed some encouragement to get dressed in the morning while working from home…)

I have always been a person who tried to hide myself when it came to fashion, because I already had a “loud mouth” – I like talking – but then I decided to embrace it. I saw colors appearing in the visual experimentations I was doing, so I just pushed it further (like I always tell my students lol).

So, with my attributes in hand I tried to create a cohesive alphabet that embraced contrast and boldness.

Once I had all the letters I could start applying them to different purposes. I made some posters, stickers, and I am working on making some animations with them.

my personality
if google had a sense of humor
mix with photo

New single form Anitta

And, since it is a thing I’ve been playing with lately… I’ve made some patters as well. teehee

That’s it. I just wanted to get this post out. I want to do a more in-depth analysis of each letter and how I can improve them in the future. Now, back to the real world.

Published by Vitoria, no C

Instructional Assistant Professor at Illinois State University BFA in Graphic Design and New Art Media from the University of North Dakota MFA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University

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