[WO]MAN UP! – AIGA Iowa Conference

I can’t even believe that this happened.

Friday night, as I was watching TV and browsing Instagram, I saw that Jessica Walsh had posted a “stories” of her flying to Des Moines for the [WO]MAN UP! Conference. And I wondered: “How is she coming to Des Moines?” and “Why did I not know about this?”

For those wondering, I am a HUUUUGE fan of hers, since 40 Days of Dating launched and I was just starting undergrad without knowledge of where it was going to take me. So, it was only fair that after seeing her Instagram post at 9:30pm I ran to my computer and found out that it was a whole event that was going to take place on Saturday, September 16 in Des Moines. I didn’t even think twice and purchased a ticket last minute and prepared myself mentally that I had a little driving to do the next day.

Saturday came, I had to do some work in the morning so I was only able to go down to Des Moines at around noon, but getting there I met a woman named Michelle who works at a publishing company. It was great meeting people from different backgrounds and that we were all there united with the same purpose – learning and sharing knowledge about design.


I took a workshop in Lettering and after that I watched inspiring women share how graphic design has helped them and their communities through non-profit work. They also shared how other artists and designers can use their skills to help out in their own communities.


I also met a woman from Kansas City who works at a PR firm. It was great sharing the different life experiences we had and what is like to be a designer working in a corporate environment.

This event also brought Jessica Walsh to speak to us. I was over the moon. Her talk was entertaining, quick, and to the point. She shared some of her client work as well as her personal work. This inspired me to pursue my personal endeavors as well as my career in academia, which can be challenging, but if I have time to browse on Instagram I have to develop my personal work too. The best thing of having there was being able to thank her personally for inspiring me so much and also taking a picture (which I look like a psychopath, because I was too nervous to understand what was going on LOL).

jessica talk

It was a great afternoon and I am very thankful for AIGA Iowa for putting on this amazing event. It was a great opportunity, that even though I heard about last minute, has had a big impact my life.


Now off to start another week of hard work and design!

Published by Vitoria, no C

Instructional Assistant Professor at Illinois State University BFA in Graphic Design and New Art Media from the University of North Dakota MFA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University

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